I didn't know him or anything, but around 92% of all the music he made was fucking incredible, which is a hit-ratio anybody should be proud of.

Solo-wise you should definitely buy the "Singles 06-07 Collection," a compilation made from a ridiculous number of singles released between 2006-7 (duh,) of ridiculously good songs . You can get it from iTunes here.

Or even better, just buy ALL the records made by Reatards, the band I love him for the most. I think in those days he was literally like 16, singing songs like "Puke On You" and "Stupid Asshole," which were actually somehow pretty inspirational, at least for us when we started The Lusts around the same age. And if four sixth-formers in Leicester, middle England, took "inspiration" from such songs to get drunk and start a punk band, I'm sure a whole heap of fuckers around the world also did.

I've just spent 22 minutes trying to pick my favourite Reatards song to stick on here, I'll go with these two, for now.

REATARDS - "Oh My Soul"
REATARDS - "Stacye"

R.I.P Jay.

The Hospitals

Live at Upset The Rhythm.

Best noise I've heard all day.

The Links

It sucks massively not having a proper job. While all your friends are out buying expensive new cameras, jazzy shirts and drinking flirtini's; I'm sitting around in my raggedy-ass converse and some t-shirts I stole from American Apparel, drinking red wine with the retail value of two pounds ninety nine pence. To add insult to injury all I want is to purchase 'Out of the Bachs'; the reissue of the solitary full length from this pristine garage band from Chicago, circa nineteen sixty eight. I can't afford it. Life sucks. The Bachs rule though, apparently they used to just play high school dances, teen clubs and private parties.

Seriously though listen to your teachers and your parents, get a proper job. Everything they said was right. Apart from sun, milk, red meat and university being good for you!

If you can afford the record these nice chaps at gear fab records have reissued it so you can pick it up here:

Sonic Reducers

I saw a band called Sonic Avenues in Montreal. They took me for a nice pint of beer and told me that Ontario is pretty great for garage punk and power pop. While I can't vouch for the state of Ontario's music scene; I can say that they look well punk pop (which is obviously pretty awesome), own all the Barracudas records, love the Exploding Hearts (r.i.p. literally) and play brusque French-Canadian power pop. Sound good? They have just self released their debut elpee on shee dee, empeethree and the obviously superior vinyl. Have a listen here:

And watch the awesome video for The Barracudas summer smash hit 'Summer Fun', if you're a total Cinderella and have had your head firmly planted in ze sand since nineteen seventy something or other...