Steve Don't Party No More

It's actually kind of true. I've been hanging out in Hawaii (near Shark's Cove!) with my girlfriend and her "pops" (he's American). I've been swimming, getting sunburned, eating papaya's and drinking Mai Tai's. Life is beautiful. I may never come back to London and today's active lifestyles. Some how Portland, Or's Mean Jeans found out about me 'settling down' and write a killer power pop song about it! It's called Steve don't party no more and is on their debut record; born on a saturday night, on Dirtnap Records. They also have a new seven inch out on trouble in mind. Boom!

Le Classic

The Baracuda's: Summer Fun

The Rezillo's: Top of the Pops

Fuck The Strange Boys!

Bad Sports are the shit. Probably the best thing to come out of Austin, Tx (the self appointed live music capital of the world) since...


Possibly named after Austin being the largest city in the United States without a franchise in a major professional sports league and thus being bad at sports, this super rad power pop three piece destroy literally any band that passes through their fair, yet weird city for the critically acclaimed (and totes awesome) industry-fest; south by southwest!

Orville, Gregory and Daniel's first full length proper is available from the ultra sleazy as are a bunch of other great records. Below is Bad Sports video for 'All the time'. Not on Douchemaster.



I wish the REAL DRUMS would kick the fake drum's hipster heads in, they make me sick.

Ceci baise même mieux!

Le Face

Tall, Dark and Awesome!


I've always liked Hunter S Thompson. He said things like "The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side." and advocated "drugs, alcohol, violence and insanity". This reminds me of one of my favourite current LA punk bands...Le Face. Le Face are shallow, empty, drenched in 'hipster' reverb and dark as hell. I have just been bequeathed their second record on the pretty baaadass Tic Tak Totally Records (

I have been trying (for about three months) to upload a couple of songs in mp3 format. 'Death Rattle' and 'Cellophane' which are on their new extremely horrible twelve inch (which comes in limited edition sickly swine flu booger green and sounds just like their last one; dog shit!). But unfortunately I am a technophobe and a beet of a mongoloid. So I either couldn't do it, or couldn't be arsed to do it...sorry.

Here in line with my baaaad blogging is a real old video of them playing live. suck it up.

While on the subject of faces and stuff, there is a pretty awesome power pop punk band from Minneapolis called Boys Club ( realboysclub) who have a great song called 'This is my face', or en Francais- 'C'est mon visage!

Au revoir

R.I.P Invisable man who can sing in a visible voice

"If he died in Memphis (he didn't), then that'd be cool, babe" Paul Westernberg

Big Star were awesome. But Alex Chiltern is fuckign dead. He died of a heart attack in New Orleans on the 17th March 2010 (just three days before Big Star would play at SXSW; Austin, Texas; bummer). He is survived by his wife, Laura, son, Timothy, and sister, Cecilia. Shame.

The Big Star record Radio City is pretty much the best album ever. A strange amalgamation of darkness and power pop, creating some sort of musical happy nihilism.


These are the weirdest band I have ever met, you should meet them too.



So, about 3 or 4 months ago, I get this email out of the blue from some trendy twat, asking if we would record a couple of songs for him to put out on a 7" on his own SUPER RAD record label.

It soon became pretty clear he hadn't actually even ever listened to our myspace or anything. Which, by the way, I would probably recommend doing before asking the band to record for you. I guess he just saw our name on some posters somewhere in Shoreditch, and mistakenly assumed we were really fucking cool.

Needless to say, after he finally did hear our music, he then refused to answer any of my emails, even when they got really drunk and insulting towards his shit haircut.

Anyway, we're kinda over these songs now, and aren't gonna use them on our next 7". So you can have them for free if you want.

If you dig them, go ahead and send them to your buddies, post on your blog or whatever. If you don't dig them, then you should probably piss right off and go listen to Empire Of The Fucking Sun.

DOWNLOAD (zip'd) : SEX BEET - "I'm In Love..." / "Cocaine Dan"

These are new recordings, not the same ones you might already have. Massive thanks to DJ Woodstock in Sunny Wycombe for these ones.


If I play this song one more time this loud, I'm pretty sure Mohammed next door is gonna get me evicted.