So, about 3 or 4 months ago, I get this email out of the blue from some trendy twat, asking if we would record a couple of songs for him to put out on a 7" on his own SUPER RAD record label.

It soon became pretty clear he hadn't actually even ever listened to our myspace or anything. Which, by the way, I would probably recommend doing before asking the band to record for you. I guess he just saw our name on some posters somewhere in Shoreditch, and mistakenly assumed we were really fucking cool.

Needless to say, after he finally did hear our music, he then refused to answer any of my emails, even when they got really drunk and insulting towards his shit haircut.

Anyway, we're kinda over these songs now, and aren't gonna use them on our next 7". So you can have them for free if you want.

If you dig them, go ahead and send them to your buddies, post on your blog or whatever. If you don't dig them, then you should probably piss right off and go listen to Empire Of The Fucking Sun.

DOWNLOAD (zip'd) : SEX BEET - "I'm In Love..." / "Cocaine Dan"

These are new recordings, not the same ones you might already have. Massive thanks to DJ Woodstock in Sunny Wycombe for these ones.

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  1. whoa. What a dong. These songs DEEESTROY!

    AAAH! They'd make a great 7". Ahh well.