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It sucks massively not having a proper job. While all your friends are out buying expensive new cameras, jazzy shirts and drinking flirtini's; I'm sitting around in my raggedy-ass converse and some t-shirts I stole from American Apparel, drinking red wine with the retail value of two pounds ninety nine pence. To add insult to injury all I want is to purchase 'Out of the Bachs'; the reissue of the solitary full length from this pristine garage band from Chicago, circa nineteen sixty eight. I can't afford it. Life sucks. The Bachs rule though, apparently they used to just play high school dances, teen clubs and private parties.

Seriously though listen to your teachers and your parents, get a proper job. Everything they said was right. Apart from sun, milk, red meat and university being good for you!

If you can afford the record these nice chaps at gear fab records have reissued it so you can pick it up here:

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