Why the fuck are ALL French bands so good?

We first met these guys on our first trip to France, and I think we played together in Lille, but I'm not sure. All I can remember about that show was that the bar was called something shit like "ROCK BAR,"and that it was packed full of teenagers smoking hash inside.

If this actually was the night Viscous Brothers played, I'm pretty sure they ruled.

They just put out their first 7", a split with the equally good Teenage Moonlight Borderliners. The whole record is a big lovely mess of reverb, delay, and screams- all three checkpoints for the perfect single.

You can either fly out to France to buy the record, or email this fucked up email address and ask for one. Either would be worth doing. Here's a freebie, it's the slower of the songs because I've got a hangover right now.

MP3: Viscous Brothers - "(How Hard) Losin' You"

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